10 Reasons Why Matchmaking is Better Than Any Dating App or Site

I would be lying if I said I met a single person who’s never used a dating site or app. It’s 2018 and technology is completely running our lives – and that includes our dating.

Here are 10 single-people problems and how matchmaking substantially helps you land the person you deserve.


  1. You don’t have to worry about coordinating your dates

Between texting back and forth to a dating app match, and then actually coordinating a date (between the dates he or she is already going on), matchmakers are scheduling masterminds. No more tracking people down, getting their availability and then rescheduling only to actually flake on the date. With matchmaking, the team simply gets a few available slots to meet and send you an email confirmation. And we don’t like flakes nor do we tolerate them in this business. Any rescheduling is done through us to alleviate any of the stress that comes with that.

  1. Matchmakers confirm your match actually looks like their photo

One of the biggest issues with online dating and dating apps is that people are uploading photos from 10 years or 10 pounds ago. Awesome, right? Nope. These aren’t the ideal terms when meeting someone. As professional matchmakers, we request to take our own photo of our clients and send those, as opposed to any of the edited photos a match or client has. It’s more casual, relaxed and gives a person a much better idea of what you truly look like. 

  1. We follow up after the date and get honest feedback

Dating apps are notorious for ghosting, an incredibly demeaning term for those who aren’t courageous enough to tell their date that the chemistry wasn’t there. Instead, they decide not to say anything at all, and keep their date wondering if there will be a second date. Our clients are (surprisingly) honest with us during the feedback process because that’s what it takes to find the right person for them. More than that, being honest is part of how we evaluate integrity in a person. This isn’t always the most comfortable part especially of dating especially when we have been conditioned as a society to avoid saying how we really feel.

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  1. We always have your best interest in mind

Dating is extremely tough these days and matchmakers get it – they are on the journey with you. Exchanging profiles only to hear someone isn’t sharing the mutual interest and don’t feel it’s worth it to go on a date with someone we claim is kind, cool and worth a date, well – it’s their loss.  Yep, you heard that right. If someone doesn’t want to meet our client, it’s them who isn’t ready for love. At Divine Intervention, we have our clients’ backs. 

  1. We do all the networking for you so you can focus on what matters

It’s commonplace to just join an app and network that way. And that’s perfectly okay. As a matchmaking company, we pride ourselves in attending a lot of events around the city to meet new people and build our network and nurture relationships. We get that many of our clients are working extensive hours to build their lives and that’s something we support. Leave the networking and meeting of new people up to us

  1. Small dating tips and huge impact – that’s how we coach

Most of our clients have great date etiquette, and we support their continuous growth. It’s true that sometimes people don’t always know how to behave on dates. We use what we learn in the date feedback process to help people have better first dates. This is all discovered in the consultation with us as we dive deep into what you’re looking for in a partner and what hasn’t gone right in the past. 

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  1. We pre-screen for looks and values – things you can’t on the apps

Assuming their photos is current and looks like them, it’s hard to gauge if your values and beliefs are the same. These are things matchmakers are screening for because meeting people isn’t the hard part – it’s finding someone who shares your same interests.

  1. Analysis Paralysis is stopping us from settling down

There are millions of users online, and with a complete catalogue of singles in your area, it’s no surprise people are moving from one person to the next. With matchmaking, this is a process designed for people who have intentionally decided to settle down. We have designed a process that helps deal with the “department store shopping” mentality, as we say at Divine.

  1. Feeling safe and comfortable isn’t as easy to predict before a date

We have met some amazing people throughout this experience, and we want to make sure our clients are comfortable on their dates with people we set them up with. That said, if someone makes us uncomfortable during our meeting, and we meet everyone in person before we set them up, we will not be engaging with them any longer. We use our intuition so you don’t have find yourself on a date that might poorly colour your dating experience.

  1. Dating on your own perpetuates your bad dating patterns

It can be really difficult to admit you have a particular dating pattern – and even if your friends all know it, you still don’t know how to stop it. At Divine Intervention, we support you in breaking bad dating cycles so you can get on track with what you actually want in a partner. Having an accountability team for your dating is one of the biggest assets our clients say in the matchmaking experience.

Dating is hard and customized matchmaking is a great way to circumvent the stress many of us feel in today’s day and age. If you are feeling like the apps just aren’t working for you, please book us for a phone call at (604)-488-0866 or email us at info@divinematchmaking.com and let’s find out how we can help.


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