Susan’s grandmother would have attributed her intuitive matchmaking skills to her Ukrainian heritage; her mother to Susan’s career in sales and marketing, especially the newspaper and liquor businesses, which honed her ability to attract attention where it was most needed. Susan might quietly confess to an active premarital single life that sharpened her understanding of the trials of dating and the motto to “always get your man.”

Her long suffering husband, would certainly point to Susan’s need to have her ear on the track, to schmooze in the most unlikely places and to talk to all strangers in her path. Emerging business owners would confess that Susan’s consulting skills enabled them to put their best foot forward. Her astrologer Georgia Nicols says that as a Leo, Susan is the sign of “romance”; her five planets in Cancer make her a “feeler” who understands people’s wants and needs; and her Gemini Ascendant gives her the gift of the gab to “communicate” superbly to everyone. And her friends, they’d focus on her undeniable compassion and people skills.

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