Couples: Keep the Romance Alive this Valentine’s Day

hands in form of heartA few tips for couples to keep the romance alive on Valentine’s Day:

    • Do something new with your partner and break out of old routines and predictability. Walk somewhere new, try a new restaurant, a new holiday location, or a fun activity.
    • Spice up your sex life. Try new things in the bedroom that you feel comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to walk in to a sex shop and discover new sex toys, lingerie or video. If things feel awkward at first have a laugh about it. Attend a ‘spicy love course’ – there are lots offered around the city that you can attend together.
    • Send love notes to each other – slip them into her lunch, his briefcase etc (but make sure they are handwritten – email has made things way to easy and impersonal).

  • Ladies as we know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so make his favourite dish to show him that you care about him.
  • Schedule a romantic getaway or an outing. Whether it’s a night, weekend or week away. Just the two of you time. If you have kids, arrange for family members or a friend to take them, or a babysitter that you trust. Call in a favour.
  • Remember what you love about your partner. Put together a “25 reasons why I love you” list. Reminisce and think about your favourite holidays, vacations, moments together.

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