Dating in these unprecedented times

There is no denying that our world is changing on a daily basis and this is new and unchartered territory for humanity. We will all be affected differently in the weeks and months ahead. We are however, all in this together.

Humans are hard wired to crave social, meaningful relationships with others and to find love. This “loveconnection” is top of mind more so than ever. Relationships give us strength and help us stay positive.

Here is our commitment to you to help you through these changing times.

  • We are available to offer you help, guidance and assistance with your love life.
  • We’ll talk, Facetime, zoom, email and text and be a sounding boarding, love coach, matchmaker for you as needed.
  • We continue to work with our clients and database community at facilitating meaningful connections in a safe and responsible manner in accordance with health guidelines.
  • We will be flexible as to timing and everyone’s comfort level with dating. We will adapt and customize our packages accordingly.

What does this mean for dating and meeting people?

We are encouraging phone calls to get to know someone and build rapport after someone has been pre-qualified for you. We will offer you tips on how to give “good phone.”

  •  is a great guideline on getting to know someone.
  • For others that are comfortable with technology we recommend facetime or video calls. We will offer tips on how to present your best foot forward.
  • If both parties are willing participants, for now we are coordinating safe “social distancing” dates outside with walks.

Know that you’re not alone, that others are going through this alongside you. Regardless of how you’re affected, we are here to help, listen and adapt with you. 

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Below are some additional coping mechanisms that may also help:

  • Avoid watching, reading or listening to news that causes you to feel anxious. Check for updates at specific times during the days opposed to all day long. Make sure that your information sources are credible.
  • Have a support group that you check in with regularly that you can share how you’re feeling with no judgement. This can be one person or a group of friends or family members.
  • Maintain familiar and healthy routines as much as possible. Exercise regularly (outside by yourself or online), keep regular sleep routines and eat healthy food.
  • Practice daily gratitude. Write down or say out loud at least one thing you are grateful for everyday.
  • Consider meditation to relax. Two good apps that come to mind are: CALM and WAKING UP.
  • Make it a goal to learn something new that you’ve been putting off  that you’re interested in. Some ideas are learning a new language, becoming a better cook, artist, etc. Sign up for a class that can improve your personal or business growth.
  • Subscribe to a site or newsletter that delivers a daily dose of positivity.

Sending strength and love.

Susan Semeniw

President, Divine Intervention Matchmaking

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