Dating Tips For Girls

Ladies, stop being so crazy when it comes to dating! Relax, look hot, let the man lead, limit your talk time and you’ll grace through dating.

Damn that girl’s fine.

Always look your best. Men are highly visual, will size you up in a second and put you in the hot or friend zone. We can’t all be Miss Venezuela, so if you aren’t – learn to maximize your best features (think bust, butt, legs). Sexy hair, a natural, light amount of makeup, heels, boots, skirts, dresses, a flattering pair of jeans are all great. Dress for your body type and choose a color that looks good with your skin tone and hair color.

OH MY GOD, will you stop analyzing everything??!

Boys’ brains don’t dissect everything and process information over and over. His brain is not going where yours is. If he’s into you, you’ll know it. He will make time for you.

Get a grip.

Prince Charming doesn’t exist and chances are you’re not going to marry a Vancouver Canuck. No one is perfect so take that word out of your dictionary. Be a realist and get to know him. Choose someone who’s right for you that you can be yourself with. That potential frog may become the prince you can’t live without.

Stop trying to go from coffee to marriage. Slow it down.

Go on a date with no expectations. Simply plan to have fun getting to know a new person. Don’t plan your wedding and family in your head. Guys will sense this and RUN.

Act like a girl.

Men like feminine girls and don’t want to compete with their partner. So turn off your edgy work vibe, don’t dumb down, be yourself, confident, smart and nice. If god wanted us all to be men, he would have created them.

Shut your mouth.

A boy is not your girlfriend so act accordingly. Too much information is overwhelming. Be positive and engaging, fun to be around and hold your state secrets till later.

Where’s YOUR backbone?

Get a life and keep it. Never look for a romantic partner to complete you – they’re there to enhance and complement your life, not save you. Sisters, you need a life of your own, and girls’ nights out! Also don’t ever fight with a girlfriend over a guy. Value your girlfriends and save your nails for manicures, not catfights.

Keep him running (and if you keep him chasing for long enough, he could even lose weight!).

Men are hunters– make them work for it in the beginning stages of a relationship. Let him pursue you. Keep him on his toes and be nicely encouraging- but let him take the lead. Once you’ve settled in and his heart is open, stop playing hard to get.

Keep your legs closed.

Don’t have sex early in the dating process. Testosterone and the brain circuitry in men make sex to them as natural as breathing. They will try to move you to the bedroom and get you to break your rules. If you want your guy to take you seriously, make sure you have a strong emotional connection and a relationship. Here at matchmaker Calgary, we say don’t give in till you have some sort of commitment from him. 

Remember that men are simple.

They aim to please and want to make us happy. So let them. Don’t be a nag and don’t be critical (that’ll just make them dislike you). Limit the drama. For the most part men, want to be in love as much as we do.