Divine Dating Tips For Guys

When it comes to dating, women notice and analyze everything. You need to visually present well and put your best foot forward. It’s a fact that every woman likes a man who is well groomed, properly dressed, relaxed and charming.

And here’s a tip – we’re not joking about any of this stuff. These tips are real and NEEDED. We’re talking to you, every day guys, not just the ones who live in their parents’ basement.

You’re wearing THAT?

Make sure your clothes are in a current style and you’ve got good quality shoes – women zero in on badly dressed men, and scruffy shoes. Ditch the trainers outside of the gym. Wear colours that look good on you. Women are subconsciously attracted to men in blue and red; blue signifies stability and reliability and red signals power. Also change things up a bit; don’t wear the same outfit all the time. Women notice these things and will think you’re poor or don’t have a sense of style. No guy wants to date an unattractive girl, and if you’re unattractive buddy, she won’t want you either. If you’re not fit to be seen with, you can kiss even a hello, goodbye.

A couple more thoughts:

  • Your belt should match your shoes
  • Buy pants that fit you well and that aren’t too baggy. Women try to look thinner. Why are you trying to look shorter and fatter?

Hygiene is critical… (seriously guys, this isn’t a joke).

Make sure your hair and nails are clean. Trim your nails, nose and ear hair. Nothing makes a woman cringe more than hair that shouldn’t be there. You stare at a women’s unshaven legs and see how attracted you are to her. Now you get it, huh?! Make sure you take a shower regularly and wear the right amount of cologne (Not too much! But the perfect amount will make her weak in the knees). Make sure you’re kissable and that your teeth are clean and white.

Get your act together.

Women value men who have their professional lives together and who have a passion for what they do. If you’re having difficulties with your job, resolve it. If you are currently doing something you don’t like, find something you do like. It’s not brain surgery. (And for those guys who are in a relationship, sorting yourself out has the added benefit that she stops nagging you. Think of all the peace you’ll get).

Don’t be a selfish jerk when it comes to dates (or more politely referred to as “Don’t confuse going on a date with hanging out with your buddies”).

Just because you like sports doesn’t mean it’s something your date wants to talk about. Pick dating topics you are both interested in (where you like to travel, books, current events, mutual hobbies, any upcoming interesting plans – keep topics light and fun. Make sure there is NO TALK about your EX or FAMILY bashing).

Zip your lips.

Limit the talk time about you. Don’t brag about how much money you make or how you can get any girl you want. Only men who are insecure brag about themselves. And frankly, even if you are rich, you won’t get anyone because all the women will be dead of boredom.

Women like being treated like a lady.

Open doors for her and don’t use coarse language. No matter how much she insists on paying on the first date, don’t let her pay. And if you really like her, treat her like a princess for life, and she’ll treat you like a king in return.

Is that your backbone I see going down the street?

Be confident – women are attracted to confident and in-charge men. Relax, don’t fidget and stay calm and try not to worry too much about the outcome. Breathe if you’re nervous; it’s a natural relaxant. Be yourself, be real. Using humour is a bonus.

Nobody likes drippy wimps.

Boys…take up space when you stand. Think BIG and stand with your feet at least 6-10 inches apart. Women like dominant men. Watch your posture and body language, and stand tall. Maintain direct eye contact.

Stop trying to get laid all the time.

Don’t expect sex early on in the dating process. Sex is a bigger deal to most girls and they would like to get to know the guy before they do anything. So respect the girl and give her some time and establish an emotional connection and relationship with her.

Keep it real.

Remember to smile, have fun and enjoy the ride. Just be yourself. Unless of course, if the real you is extremely boring, in which case you’re doomed.

Two last tips:

  • When you’re kissing her, the tongue is meant for teasing and not licking her entire face. Women are sick of being slobbered on (literally).
  • Remember that everyone has something of value to offer even if they’re not the one for you.