Don’t Dismiss Him for the Sake of an Inch

dont-dismiss-him-for-an-inchIn the matchmaking and dating business, we come in contact with a ton of single women per week whether it’s at business events, gyms, through Social media, etc. We engage with women who are fit, curvy, tall, short, brown, white – you name it. Women love to be candid while we wear our matchmaker hats and it’s in our best interest to listen and make sure we know the ins-and-outs of what women are looking for in men. Our biggest challenge? Women can be delusional – they come to us with their lengthy check-lists of prequalifying attributes and it appears that at the top of the list that will make or break accepting a first introduction is HEIGHT. On countless occasions we have presented successful, funny, family-oriented, educated, handsome and, more importantly, men who are ready for love but the moment a woman hears that said bachelor is not over six feet tall, she writes him off. The pending question in our heads is why are these women bringing us a check-list in the first place if they think the key attribute that makes it through the qualifying stage is height?

I often hear women say “I want a tall guy because it makes me feel like I am with a strong, protective, manly-man!” Reality check – in appearance these guys are strong physically but a real manly-man is one who makes a woman feel sexy by being a total gentleman, someone who cares for her when she’s sick, someone who calls her when she signals that she feels a little upset or stressed and comes to her rescue in health and love – that is a manly man. That is ultimately what women want and need. Height is not even in that equation.

We all have our preferences when it comes to a potential mate and rightfully so, but at Divine Intervention Matchmaking, we will never stop defending men on the utter insignificance height plays in a quality relationship. We only have successful clients who are ready for love and it would be an absolute shame for the women of this world to dismiss a well put-together man for the sake of a few inches (in height!) Our recommendation, as matchmaking experts, is for women to get a reality check and go back to the drawing board and decide what qualities matter most when making a relationship work. We have never heard a woman talk about her successful relationship by suggesting he was 6’0” and that being the quality that set the tone for their future together. These women in successful relationships talk about love and compatibility – things you cannot narrow down to height.

Lastly, women across the world are fawning over men like Robert Downey Jr, Tom Cruise, Zac Effron and Elijah Wood – all of which are under 5’8”! And over 85% of men are not 6 feet and taller.