ABCs of Early-Stage Dating for Men

When dating has left you dazed and confused.  

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Early-stage dating has become extremely confusing as we navigate the tricky waters of online dating apps and dating in numbers. One never really knows how to even approach the first date, let alone the weeks to follow.

For the gents out there who are looking to debunk early-stage dating, Divine Intervention Matchmaking gives you the Dating ABCs for staying true to traditional courtship in a not-so-traditional dating landscape.

Rule #1: Always text her after the first date

After a first meeting, which we recommend is both short and light-hearted (one hour max), be the first person to text her and thank HER for meeting you. It shows you enjoyed the date and forecasts a future one. People are dating a lot these days, so it’s helpful for women to pursue the men who demonstrate their interest. A short and sweet message like this sets a great tone, “thanks for tonight. You are X and Y and I’m looking forward to seeing you again. This time over Z (insert activity you possibly talked about during first meeting).”Image result for texting

Rule #2: Be open to different date times and ideas after date 2

We have found that booking a second date isn’t the challenge with men; they’ll plan a proper dinner and drinks for date 2, but navigating dates 3,4 and 5 is when it can get tricky for them. We recommend always following up a day later and presenting day-dates and early evening date ideas, so as not to run into the three-date usual and then FINITO! You two are no longer dating because you-know-why. Setting up dates that range in time signals to the woman that you’re not just in it for the “fun” and casualty of dating. A coffee or lunch during a weekday work day count, and so does hitting a round of golf balls at the driving range right after work. Not all dates need to be formal and after 7:00 p.m.

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Rule #3: Careful not to rush too quick, too soon

Gentlemen, it’s our job to help you get to know your new lady-friend without getting too intimate. We suggest planning dates 1-4 outside any home environment (that does not mean date 5 is your meal ticket for nookie). Keep in mind that date ideas where you can sneak in some physical contact (picture a rom-com scene where the man helps the woman properly hold a baseball/gold club) are great. There are many ways to explore physical chemistry without your clothing on the floor. Another great tip is spacing out your dates and keeping in touch throughout the week. Women need to feel emotionally supported before they can trust to take things a step further, so be aware of that. Intimacy and trust need to build and it starts by paying attention to her level of comfort in the process. When women sense a man is rushing, she might back off and stop answering your calls and texts.  

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There you have it, your ABCs for early-stage dating. If you’d like more tips on how to date smart in 2018, reach out to Divine Intervention and book your consult today.

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