6 Reasons Weights Are Your Best Wingman By: Maria Lee

Divine Intervention Guest Blogger Series

I’m not here to sugar coat what women want; women are attracted to fit guys—physically, sexually, instinctively. Our eyes are drawn to toned muscles like yours are to cleavage.

If you’ve been going on dates with no luck at getting a second date, consider adding weight lifting to your every-day regimen.

Fitness tips for datingIt’s not magic. It’s cellular regeneration. Lifting weights causes muscle damage that your body has to repair by creating brand-new cells.

Working out is my jam—my moneymaker. In my personal training business, I’ve witnessed dozens of clients transform into who they truly want to be: more youthful, trimmer, stronger, and overall happier people from the inside out.

Here’re six reasons Mrs. Right could be eyeing you behind the squat rack. A gym-built physique indicates the following:

Health is Important to You

If your physique is clearly the result of dedicated training, PLUS you’re established financially, how can you go wrong? Healthy living is fundamental to a higher quality of life. Without an efficient and well-oiled machine, you can’t perform at peak capacity—in the boardroom or with a lady. A strapping set of muscles under that three-piece suit is the best of both worlds—brawn AND brains. Elevate your physical appeal by becoming well-rounded and pick up those weights three to five times per week.

You Exude Confidence

Someone who has low self-esteem can be spotted right away: hunched shoulders, little eye contact, defeated posture—this is not attractive to the opposite sex! Weight training corrects postural dysfunction and increases self-belief, making you appear more confident to the ladies in the room. A guy standing tall and wide looks authoritative and in command, which is exactly what most women initially gravitate towards. In fact, people respect and listen to that guy. He might even get paid more—the advantages of being fit tend to cross over into the professional realm.

Youll Appeal to Fit Ladies

Health-conscious and fit ladies prefer men who lead a similar lifestyle. As a trainer, I know first hand the discipline and commitment that being fit demands, and I respect and appreciate these traits. Vancouver is the fittest city in Canada, so you can imagine that many female Vancouverites are hitting the gym, slopes, yoga, and spin class to get in the shape they want, in order to feel their best and catch the eye of the guy they want to date. You have to put in what you want to receive; if you’re looking for a woman with a smokin’ hot body, you better believe that you’ll have to bring your A-game to the table.

You Can Protect & Provide

Even the strongest, fiercest, and most independent woman wants her man to take care of her. The male is biologically wired to fight off predators and keep the home front safe. If you look like you’d struggle putting groceries into the trunk, how can we entrust in you our vulnerable femininity? We want safety, security, a man we can depend on. We want a man we can respect because his strength commands our respect. Being fit and strong isn’t our only criterion for a good mate, but it does signify power, dedication and capability. Remember: sometimes your first impression is the only impression.

You Look Manly

Did you know working out increases your testosterone production? Health-sustaining hormones are released during high-intensity training. Irisin, for example, was recently hailed as the exercise hormone for its ability to burn fat and prevent further fat gain. Men nearing 40 years old start to lose their mojo as testosterone levels wane. Hitting the weights helps stave off diminishing libido, hair loss, and the extra pounds that are typically associated with male aging.

You Face Challenges Head-on

Weights are not easy to use. Working out isn’t like sinking into your favourite spot on the couch with a cold one. It’s work—HARD work. It takes mental focus, drive, and a desire to improve—especially when a million other responsibilities are on your mind. It takes a high level of organization and discipline to successfully maintain all these priorities. It takes balls to keep pushing past your mental and physical limits to truly test your mettle and strive for progress.

Now… Let’s get you back at the gym shall we?

Bonus: Workout Anywhere

No time for the gym but have 20 minutes pre-office in the morning? Try this no-equipment total body circuit that just requires a flat surface:

Warmup for five minutes (jumping jacks on the spot or run around the block)

  1. 20 pushups
  2. 15 jump squats
  3. 30 side plank dips per side
  4. 30 supermans
  5. 30 jump split lunges
  6. 50 bicycle crunches
  7. Repeat 4 times

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