Flirting 101

Picking up on all the cues

Although the human race has greatly evolved, our brains and subconscious are still back in the caveman days. Our body language speaks volumes and says more than anything that you can ever say verbally. You can literally change how someone thinks about you by modifying your body language. So put on your happy face and give clues and signals so you’ll be approached.

Your eyes, mouth and posture are key and it’s a combination of many gestures, not just one. You can’t flirt without some eye contact, so take off your shades and draw attention to your eyes. Learn to practice the gaze and never stare. Look at someone, break eye contact by looking away or to the side then look back at them. By breaking the glance and then looking back at someone it shows you’ve checked out the competition and you’re still into them! If you find it hard to make direct eye contact with someone, fake it by looking at the bridge of their nose. When you lock eyes, smile and look away and repeat again, this signals that the mating game is on.

Pupil dilation is another big sign of attraction, so check to see if someone’s pupils are large. Dimmed lights create this effect naturally; so this will subconsciously make you more attractive to the opposite sex – that’s why dinner by candlelight is so sexy.

If someone’s not into you they won’t meet your gaze. They may also move from side to side, shift their weight, go up and down on their heels or basically do the opposite of what you’re doing. If someone is into you they’ll do some of the following: lean in, maintain lots of eye contact, point their feet towards you, touch and groom themselves or wink and grin. You can start practising any of the above at any time on anyone, so get out there and flirt away.

Even if you’re matchmaker has set you up with a date, you should never stop flirting. Even after you’ve been in a relationship for years, you should try and maintain some flirting. It can really help maintain some spice in the relationship!