Grooming for Men

Tips from a Matchmaker

Guys, when it comes to dating you should know that women notice and analyze everything. Remember that until she’s fallen for you completely, she’s looking for reasons to vote you off the island. Think about how critical you yourself can be when sizing up a potential partner and double that level of scrutiny! So, needless to say, you need to present yourself well and put your best foot forward. It’s a fact that every woman likes a man who is well groomed and properly put together.

Nails & Facial Hair

Make sure your hair and nails are clean. Trim your nails, nose and ear hair. Nothing makes a woman cringe more than hair that shouldn’t be there. Stare or rub up against a women’s unshaven legs and see how attracted you are to her. When getting ready for a date, make sure to do the eyebrow, nose and ear check in the bathroom mirror. Invest in a men’s grooming kit, it’ll be worth every penny.

Body Hair & Manscaping

Well-groomed facial hair and clean nails should be obvious, but it’s also important to keep body hair in check. No woman is a fan of back hair. If you want any sort of action, make sure you do the gorilla back check. If you find hair, make sure to get it waxed or removed. Trust me, you will get used to the process. The same goes for hair down below. Make sure that the hair surrounding your unit is properly maintained and not out of control. Keep in mind that more a trimmed area makes your package appear larger – so what’s not to like about that?

Bathing & Hair Style

This should be obvious, but make sure to shower regularly and wear only the appropriate amount of cologne. Cologne, when used effectively will make any woman weak in the knees. Your cologne should not leave a scent when you leave a room or an elevator – think subtle.

Pick a hair stylist you’re comfortable with and make a standing appointment to have your hair maintained and cleaned up. Depending on your hairstyle the time between your visits will vary but plan to invest in a monthly cut with someone whom you trust won’t give you a bowl cut.

Breath & Teeth

Always be kissable. This means ensuring that your teeth are clean and white and your breath is fresh. Carry mints, gum or floss with you and use them after eating or drinking, that way you’ll always be ready to go in for the kiss. Brush your tongue when you brush your teeth to get rid of any bacteria. Men are notorious for not visiting the dentist or doctor as often as they should, but if you plan on ever kissing again, make oral health a priority. If no matter how much you floss or brush you just can’t kick your bad breath, visit a doctor to rule out any medical conditions. Invest in white strips or go to a dentist’s office for a polish to make your smile brighter.

You Can’t Hide in the Mirror

Do a final mirror check before leaving the house. You’ll feel confident knowing that you’ve got your act together and that you’re putting your best foot forward.