How to Survive Valentine’s Day as a New Couple

Relationship Advice to Make Valentine’s Day Less Stressful

valentinesSkip Universal Pictures’ “Fifty Shades of Grey,” pass on the couples massage, the oysters, too.

After all, Valentine’s Day comes with enough pressure, and if you’ve just solidified your status from friend zone to officially off the dating market, you’ll want to consider these “new relationship” no-nos, how-to tips and our Valentine’s Day relationship advice to keep the stress level to a minimum.

Valentine’s Day makes couples nervous. Period. If you’ve only been dating a few weeks or a couple of months there can be a lot of unknowns, in other words, potential relationship landmines.

We’ve helped you find the right match and you’ve put a lot of effort into taking those first steps with the right type of partner. You feel there is potential for a lasting relationship, marriage material even, so don’t try and fast track the relationship in one day/evening to a level that ends up uncomfortable for you both.

Don’t strive for perfection. Don’t over-plan (scheduling every detail of the entire day is excessive) or under-prepare (equally a recipe for fail). Don’t throw out your level-headed good sense for crazy; crazy will land you back on the singles scene. In other words, don’t turn into somebody you’re not.

To avoid an awkward Valentine’s Day when you’re a new couple, consider these Valentine’s Day dos and don’ts.

1) Appropriate Valentine’s Day Gift-Giving

  • Women place more significance on Valentine’s Day than men. They want to feel special and expect their partners to make an extra effort to show their affections.
  • The most popular Valentine’s Day gifts for women include dinner, flowers, jewelry, and cards.
  • Receiving a card or gift at the office or while with their girlfriends is a big hit, but keep it tasteful. Valentine’s Day gives you a reason to personalize your feelings about your partner especially in a card; keep it light and sweet is best.
  • Buying her lingerie, more often than not, is really a gift for the man. It’s too sexy, too soon. Plus, buy the wrong size (too big, too small) and guys you’re headed for a train wreck. You may even de-rail the entire relationship if she interprets the ill-fitting undergarment as a non-verbal cue that you’re calling her fat.
  • Equally for men and women, don’t buy something expensive (it might send a message you’re coming on too strong). Instead buy something with meaning/value. A simple sentiment with some thought behind it goes a long way. A red flag if she/he is disappointed with their gift because they “expected” more.

2) Cook For Your Valentine

  • Ladies, we all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so make his favourite dish. By now you’ve made an effort to know what he likes, which shows you care about him. .
  • Likewise, men, don’t be afraid to show off your cooking skills and prepare something for your lady.
  • Just don’t forget to double-check each other’s dietary habits (gluten-free, vegetarian, allergies) in advance.
  • Cooking a recipe together can be a fun adventure, while part of your date is spent at the market sourcing fresh ingredients with one another. Celebrate similar interests together.

3) Plan Your Valentine’s Day Without Over-Planning

  • Men, a woman wants to feel special. She wants her partner to be sincere and put some thought and effort into making her feel that you care.
  • Share ideas and preferences about what you both like, make suggestions about what might be fun to do.
  • Valentine’s Day can be a great reason to explore something new. A conversation will help set the tone and expectations of the date, and help ballpark the expense.

4) Resist Over-The-Top Valentine Gestures

  • Most women like to be publically adored (within an appropriate and comfortable level). A hug or a kiss is acceptable in most any situation, but make sure it’s a welcomed gesture by both.
  • Men, skip the gag gift you’d send a buddy, the bawdy joke card, the excessive balloon bouquet à la singing telegram, or filling a room full of flowers. Tasteful and simple is your aim.

5) Dining Out On Valentine’s Day

  • If you’ve chosen to dine out, expect busy, often loud restaurants/pubs with pricey prix-fixe menus or limited menus and table crowding.
  • If you accept these drawbacks, be sure to take the proper measures to make it comfortable for your lady.
  • Make reservations (as soon as you can) and don’t leave it to the last minute; show her you care by planning ahead. Any thought is better than an afterthought.
  • Saturday, February 13th is equally a great night to celebrate; and this is according to the stars too!
  • Depending on the stage of your relationship, be careful what venue you choose and what it might suggest: fine dining and candles may insinuate too romantic too soon.
  • Dress appropriately for the type of restaurant: don’t let her wear her best dress while you show up in jeans.
  • Don’t presume to order for her without her input; taking charge is attractive, over-assertive is a turn-off.
  • Turn cell phones off and tuck them away; pay attention to your date and enjoy the moment and the memories you’re creating.

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