I’d Like To Order A Tall, Non-Fat Prince Charming

With a White Horse on the Side

“He has to be handsome, have money, have a great personality and oh—did I mention he has to be tall?” We’ve heard the laundry list many times—and women continue to wait for ‘Mr. Perfect’. We wait and we wait and we wait … and start wondering what happened to our Prince Charming. Reality check, ladies—Prince Charming and his white horse do not exist! (Shocking, isn’t it?) From a very young age, we are exposed to fairy tales where the main character gets to live with her prince. Even when we’re old enough to know that the characters in the fairy tales don’t exist, we still think that one day we’ll get married to the perfect guy. This leads us to have unrealistic expectations of a man who is tall, handsome, successful, fit, caring and so on and so on. It’s really too bad you can’t order significant others off a menu to suit your specifications!

Really, love is about chemistry and a connection on many levels – physical, emotional and spiritual — and about timing. Often the type of person you end up being with doesn’t come in the package you were envisioning, but somehow they’re even better than you ever dreamed possible! This is why at matchmaker Calgary, we try to match you with someone who isn’t only your type physically, but also emotionally. 

In the real world, the chances of finding Prince Charming are pretty slim. Even if we may know of some one who married him, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors the marriage we think is perfect may be far from that.

The truth is, no one is ‘perfect’, so take that word out of your dictionary. Be open—this might include accepting an extra ten pounds or a bit of a bald spot, but it can only increase your chances of finding love. The most successful people at love are the most open in terms of what they are looking for, and they stay away from long, rigid lists. Boxes checked don’t necessarily equal perfect mate! When it comes to having a good relationship, finding common ground and being with someone you can feel comfortable with is more important than how tall the guy is. Be a realist and get to know him. Choose someone who is right for you that you can be yourself with and in the end, that frog may just end up being the prince you can’t live without.

High expectations just set you up for disappointment—by facing reality, we strengthen our heart so it doesn’t get shattered by every stranger who comes into our life and leaves. It is important to realize that life has its ups and downs and most of the time it does not turn out like the romantic movies we see. Start living in reality and realize that no one can meet all your criteria—but if they meet one or two of the important ones, maybe you should give them a chance. After all, you don’t really want to be with someone who is perfect—just perfect for you.