Oh……..That First Kiss?

Remember the magic of that first kiss? The anticipation, the magic, the butterflies…

As a matchmaker, let me tell you, that first kiss…it is SO much more important than we thought. Research shows that 55 % of men and 66 % of women couldn’t tell if they are attracted to someone till that first kiss (Source: Evolutionary Psychology). Most of us go on a date and make a decision on whether or not we are attracted to someone from the very beginning. If we are not attracted to them, we’ll dismiss them. BUT – a simple kiss can change that. A lot of people, women especially, change their mind about someone if the first kiss is good. Kissing can also determine if a relationship can be initiated. According to the evolutionary theory, there are psychological changes during a kiss that subconsciously signal if the other person could be a good partner.

So how is this relevant to dating and relationship? Basically – if you’re not sure about whether or not you are attracted to someone, kiss them. If you feel something, it is a good sign, but if not – could be that you’re just not a match. Often uncertainty can be turned into being supremely surprised and blown away at how sweet the kiss was.

Consider this, if you’re preparing for that first kiss. Ease into it – you shouldn’t make it awkward, it should feel natural. And it should be somewhere private so you both feel comfortable. Make sure you have nothing stuck in your teeth and that your breath is fresh (always be prepared with mints on hand just in case……). And lastly – make it sweet. Slobbering is for pets and tonsil hockey is for teenagers. Kissing gets to be enjoyed by us humans!