Relationships Require Some Spice, Newness, And Romance

Follow Our Recommendations For Your Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Yet!

1. Female Foreplay: We don’t mean sexual foreplay but rather 10:30am text messages/phone calls to your wife to say: “Honey, I cleaned the kitchen. Can’t wait to see you tonight.” For women, foreplay is an all-day event. Women get turned on when they know their lovers are taking the initiative and helping with household duties that would normally put a lot of weight on her shoulders. It’s a little known fact that women are going through their To-Do list during sex, so let’s help her clear that list so she can focus on the fun on Valentine’s Day.

2. Coworker-envy Gifts at Work: Nothing says romance and sexiness like a nice bouquet of flowers or a special plant delivered to your wife’s desk in front of her coworkers. Women love small but powerful gestures that let you know you’re thinking of her. This might be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it never fails.

3. Relaxation Activity: Schedule a massage or any favourite relaxation activity for your wife and put in her calendar, “Secret activity just for my beautiful wife at [insert address].” She will be moved by your initiative, which will lead to serious brownie points for Valentine’s Day night and the days/weeks to follow.

4. Re-create Your Most Romantic Date: If you travelled on vacation together to an exotic place, try and recall her favourite drink or food item and recreate it that evening. You might say, “Babe, our trip to Jamaica was so memorable and I wanted to recreate it this Valentine’s Day so I’ve prepared the meal we had the first day we landed.” She will be blown away at your thoughtfulness, and nothing says romance like a moment of nostalgia.

5. Candles. Lots of Candles: Pair any evening with a selection of candles and the night becomes instantly more romantic and relaxing. Purchase battery-powered candles (they usually come in a set of three or four and are available at Costco and most retailers), which are reusable and can be left on for hours at a time. Plus, you don’t need to worry about rolling over a lit candle, a definite safety hazard.

6. Home Spa Experience: For those who love the spa but may not be able to afford the prices for luxury treatments, this is a perfect runner-up; tell your partner she is in for a relaxing experience when she gets home from work. Here’s what you’ll need: Bubble bath/salts, scented candles (anything with a ‘rain forest’ scent is lovely and fresh), her favourite magazines (Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Oprah, HELLO!), and bath pillow, which are all available at your local drug store. You can even buy a pre-packaged facial mask she can apply (Sephora is great). When she’s 15 minutes from home, run the bath, add the bubble bath, light the candle(s) and turn off the lights to capture the full essence of a home spa experience.

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to giving your partner a wonderful and romantic evening; you just need a few key ideas to keep the spark alive and burning hot. A little goes a LONG way for us gals, so don’t be afraid to use these ideas outside of Valentine’s Day.