Safe First Date Topics

Groan, here we are again. The awkwardness of another first date. What to say?!

Check out these tips on general first date topics of conversation. Remember to lighten up and have fun. Never talk about your exes for the first few dates, even if asked directly – change the topic and move on to something else. Keep your conversations positive.

Hello globetrotter!

People love to travel, see foreign places, meet exotic people and experience new realities. Talk about where you’ve been, how you liked it, what you did while there, and what made a standout impression. Ask about the last travel destination and what they have planned for their next trip and any future places they’d love to see.

Lady Gaga is an endless source of conversation

What’s currently hot or not. Attitudes, perspectives and images dominating the internet and media are all great. There is always something interesting going on in the sporting, music and entertainment world. It’s human nature to be curious about other people. We can’t help but be captivated by other people’s headlines.

So are wars

Local, national or international news will make someone see how on top of things you are…just avoid getting too political or religious. If it turns out you’re on polar ends of religion or politics, you could end up in a heated argument. Keep in mind to stay away from negative topics and focus on positive ones.

Girl power! (Guys – this is a great in)

Her girlfriends are her pillars of support and cohorts in good times. Ask her about them, how she met them, where they go together, and what mischief they’re always up to. Girls love talking about their friends and they like to do for fun. Some people also see their siblings as their friend so ask about them too!

Mom, dad and Fluffy

By asking her about family you can get a good peek into who someone is. What are her parents and siblings like? Where do they live? Note: if any hint of or dysfunction rears its ugly head, quickly change the subject. And pets are pretty much family members.

Future plans

Ask about dreams and ambitions and their ideal job. Find out if your date has a five or 10 year plan and where they’d like to live, who they’d like to emulate, and how they plan to make it happen. You can talk about what you like about your job but don’t mention how much money you make and don’t grill the other person as though they’re on a job interview.

Activities and fun

To gauge someone’s tastes (and for a hint about where you should go on your second date), ask about where they like to go on weekends, what activities are preferred, and if you’re a social butterfly or a lone ranger.

Reveal your inner style

What type of music, books, food, and all manner of consumables subject to personal preference. You can get great conversation going, and even stumble on things you have in common. You can also talk about hobbies. Most people are interested in at least one thing; whether it is photography or video games. Not only would this allow you to get to know the other person but if the date is going well again you can get some ideas for a 2nd date.