A Single Girl’s Guide to the RIGHT New Year’s Resolutions

As the year comes to an end, it’s the right time to reflect on the past and establish new goals that you can stick with all year long—not just for the first three weeks of 2017. This is the perfect time to be available and focus on your goals as a singleton. Here are some tips to kicking butt and meeting new people in 2017.

1. Try a New Fitness Routine:

Vancouverites are some of the fittest people in North America and creating fitness goals is one of the top priorities for people every new year. In 2017 we want you to try a new gym or fitness class, which is a great way to meet different people and tone those buns at the same time. If you make new girlfriends in a Pilates class, you never know who her good guy friend is, or whom her boyfriend/husband knows. Girlfriends love to play matchmaker, so you can benefit by expanding your circle of friends.

2. Join a Book Club:

Book clubs are a great way to stimulate your mind, and reading helps to tone down the loudness of the everyday hustle and bustle of work and holiday socials. Retreat and introspect about your values and goals as a single person during this inspiring activity. Who doesn’t love a smart and continuous learner?

3. Booze-Free January and Donate to Charity:

The holidays tend to incorporate a lot of alcoholic drinks and festive foods, so how about cutting the booze and using the saved money to donate to a charity of your choice. You’ll feel intrinsically happier by spreading love and giving a contribution to someone who needs it. Plus, you’ll probably lose a few pounds in the process.

4. Take a Cooking Class:

Even if you’re a great cook, getting out of your element and learning a new dish is a gateway to meeting new people. Many consider “trying new things” a priority on their New Year’s resolution list and this is just the fix for that! If you’re in Vancouver, register for a “Singles Cooking Class” offered at The Dirty Apron Cooking School.

5. Reinvent Your Look:

The New Year is a perfect time to reinvent how you present the new you. You may love your beat-up sweater circa ’08 but purge old and outdated outfits and go shopping for versatile, high-quality clothes and colours that make you pop throughout the year. If you’re not sure what direction you want to go, invest a few fashion hours with a personal shopper. Our clients who have used the service of a personal shopper reveal it’s been one of the smartest and easiest boosts of confidence they’ve ever experienced, and only wished they’d tried it sooner. It’s important to maximize your best assets and we can recommend the right people to help you put your best fashion foot forward.

6. New Happy Hour Hangout:

Frequenting your regular hangout for a casual drink is a great way to end the workday and unwind. In 2017, try a new location and get to know the wait staff. They have the inside scoop on their regulars, and they’re usually pretty happy to recommend potential suitors. Also consider expanding beyond your neighbourhood and the downtown core.

7. Attend a (non-work related) Conference:

Many conferences bring together a dynamic group of people to make connections and share stories. If you’ve made a resolution to socialize more and connect with like-minded people, events like TEDx are a great way for moderate-to-low socializers to enjoy a day of learning and meet interesting people. Others who appreciate self-development are the type of people you want to meet in 2017.

8. Book a Trip:

Taking a trip can help you break out of your comfort zone and be slightly more bold than the secure feeling of being at home. Don’t be afraid to chat up your neighbour on a flight and slip in the fact you’re newly single—perhaps they have a friend, son, grandson, colleague, ex-lover, cousin or uncle who is also single. Make conversation with people around you and be sure to bring your brave energy back home with you.

9. Take a Night Class:

If you’ve written down “do more stimulating things” as a New Year’s resolution, taking a night class is a smart way to meet motivated people. Sure, you’ve earned your degree, but what about learning something new on a subject that interests you? (Perhaps a new language for that trip you’re planning). If you want to find attractive and smart men and women, get out of your office once a week and take a continuing education course at your local university.

10. Become a “YES” Girl:

Do you have a colleague who always invites you to an after work social but you find yourself making excuses to say no? This time say YES! It’s not only a great way to get to know your colleagues/officemates after hours, but you’ll get a chance to channel different energy in a new setting. Plus, you can’t find Mr. Right curled up on the couch. It only takes a split second for a guy to subconsciously know if he wants to get to know you or not, so show up for that quick drink.

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