Sizzling Summer Flirting Tips

There’s a certain magic that fills the air as the weather heats up. Everything comes to life –  colorful flowers bloom, animals awaken from hibernation, and winter clothes are shed in favor of more skin baring numbers. It’s that time when anything can happen and a new season of romance and flirting begins. Humans are actually hardwired to be more energetic, flirtatious and open to meeting others during summer! So with the West Coast winter having dragged on for longer than usual, Vancouverites really need to take advantage of the short summer window and get outside, engage with those around them and start flirting!

Since summer makes people happier and friendlier, it’s much easier to talk to strangers and make a connection with someone. Summer is the time to get out of your comfort zone, so men – don’t be afraid to approach women and strike a conversation. And ladies – don’t be afraid to do things alone, like going for a hike or reading a book in a park. Men are more likely to make the first move if a woman is away from a group. If you do meet a man, even if you’re not interested, be polite – at the very least you may make a new friend or contact!

One tip to get primed for flirting is to wear clothes that maximize your best assets and features. This doesn’t mean dressing provocatively though. Show skin tastefully no matter how hot the weather gets. It’s all about keeping members of the opposite sex interested by leaving them wanting more.

Body language is the key to flirting. There are all these subtle hints that we can watch out for that signal interest. Things like an open stance, flared nostrils, and leaning in are all signs that you’re into whoever you’re speaking to. If you’re just getting back into flirting, practice a few of these moves and focus on making small changes until it becomes more natural for you.

Practice doing these physical moves to up your flirting game even more:

  • Eyes: You can’t flirt without eye contact, so take off those sunglasses! Draw attention to your eyes by moving your hair away from your face or putting two fingers on your face and subtly pointing towards your eyes.
  • Voice: Match your voice to theirs by mirroring their voice volume and speed. This will make you feel more connected to each other.
  • Lips: For men and women, subtly lick your lips or bite your lower lip as you look at the person you’re flirting with. Don’t forget to smile as well!
  • Posture: Stand tall and keep your head up to project your confidence. Shift your weight to one side and put your hands on your hip. This is a high achiever pose that is very attractive to people.
  • Mirror: Copy someone’s body language to slowly get in sync with them. To see if someone is interested in you, change your gestures slowly and watch if they mimic you.

Flirting is really that simple! Just be relaxed, natural and follow these easy tips and it’ll be like drawing bees to honey. Get your flirt on and enjoy the sunshine!