Summer First Date Ideas To Avoid

In Vancouver, there is EVERY reason to date someone great in the summer: beaches, bikinis, the ocean and more daylight to do the things you love. People are so fancy-free and easy-going as the sun shines down that sometimes we forget that there are certain summer activities you may want to avoid on your first date. First dates are already tricky; luckily, we Vancouver matchmakers are here to tell you exactly why your favourite activities might be doing more harm than good when it comes to dating.

For those who don’t want to just Netflix and Chill, and want to score a second date, here are three activities we don’t recommend for your summer-loving first date:

  1. Bike riding

Bike riding around the seawall is a Vancouverite favourite as it is a combination of great views, exercise and something you can do for any length of time. The problem? You can’t talk to each other very well from the wind, the crowds and space between your two bikes (Tandem bikes do not work either). Without being able to have an engaging conversation, it is too hard to tell if there is romantic potential. In addition, taking your eyes off the road to gaze at your date’s face might be a recipe for disaster. You don’t want to end your first date at the hospital. If you absolutely love bike riding, suggest that activity for date two.

       2. Hiking

North Shore mountains are irresistible in the summer; there are so many hikes you can do at all difficulty levels which makes—on the surface—a hike sound like a great first-date idea (choose the easy one, right?) Problem? Trying to catch your breath and answer questions about your family can be a double-whammy as you need to concentrate on keeping up with your partner and the trail as well as making sure you’re genuinely paying attention to your date instead of hearing your own heavy breathing. In addition, hiking can bring out a certain level of competitiveness and if either of you are not on your game that day (as it is the beginning of the summer), you may discover you’re turned off by their fitness level not being at your level or vice versa. As a result of just having met, you may not be inclined for a second date once these (irrelevant) details have been revealed.

  1. Visiting your same local spot with a date for patio drinks

Everyone is out for patio drinks as summer is the ultimate season for schmoozing for hours and drinking sangria with friends. Sounds like a relaxing time, yeah? Actually, no—not when it comes to bringing your date to the same spot as you frequent. Why? Because firstly, if you bring your date to a place you visit regularly, you’ll end up running into and talking to your friends; your date will no longer be the centre of focus. It’ll be about how you know the friends you just ran into and the date will be all about you (boring!) Secondly, it can be helpful to go somewhere with less distractions so you can have a better chance at getting to know one another. Stay committed to a lively and energetic setting but be mindful that you’re not on a date to be seen—you’re there to learn about your date, be engaged and enjoy some great drinks in the process. If your friends want you to join them, politely decline this time. After all—there’s always next time!

These are just three first-date ideas you might think are great ones, but taking a closer look, you’ll see why they’re better saved for dates two or three.

A reminder of some summer first-date Do’s

  1. Take off your…sunglasses. That is how men and women flirt—through the eyes
  2. Keep the date short, sweet and conversation light-hearted. Always leave with someone wanting more
  3. Benefit from happy hour specials and the end of an earlier work day

For women:

  1. Avoid super flowy, box-like dresses that are not form fitting. There are plenty of beautiful summer patterns and styles that can empathize your great figure!
  2. Hair down with light product if possible
  3. Avoid too much makeup as it can melt off in the heat (culprit: foundation). Carry with you some translucent powder in your purse. And easy on the fragrance too. Less is more

For men:

  1. Don’t talk too much about your buddies and summer plans with them. It can make you look like too much of a bro and no time for a relationship
  2. Make sure wherever you’re sitting that you’re focused on looking at her (and she faces the room)
  3. Put some effort into your appearance and don’t look like you’re going to the beach. No flip flops and muscle shirts