Top 10 First Date Dos & Don’ts

dos-and-dontsHow to Clinch a Second Date

Do you want to make sure you say and do the right thing to impress (your potential) Mr. or Mrs. right?

Whether you’re new to the dating scene, taking another dip in the dating pool, or your matchmaker has set you up, we have the top 10 first date dos and don’ts that are essential in making a great first impression.

After all, your objective of a first date is to get a second. Follow these Divine Matchmaking tried-and-true dating tips to make that happen.

  1. Do Establish Common Ground and Compatibility
    • Regardless if there is an instant attraction, chemistry or not, you need to be intrigued. Several meetings can establish whether it’s a good fit long-term.
  2. Do LAUGH, Talk, Engage, Make Eye Contact
    • Humour is an excellent icebreaker and will keep the mood upbeat; have fun and lighten up. Be interesting. Be interested. Debbie downers, negativity (saying “never” and “hate”) and showing signs of desperation will have your date running for the door.
  3. Don’t Over Share
    • When it comes to subjects like your credit score, how many kids you want and say, your ideal wedding colours — keep mum, that’s simply TMI (too much information). Don’t reveal every single thing about yourself. Save the sex talk for later. No need to fast track intimacy; always leave your date wanting more.
  4. Don’t Talk About Your Ex
    • No, seriously, DON’T talk about your ex. If you’re out to prove how many people you’ve dated that didn’t work out, you’ll either sound like you’re still pining or bitter; either way, it’s not good. Avoid the discussion all together.
  5. Don’t Underdress
    • You had me at hello. Not! (You wore what?) Don’t be lazy. Show that you’ve put some effort into preparing for the date and look presentable. Your date will appreciate your keenness and attention to detail.
  6. Don’t Talk Til the Cows Come Home
    • It’s as off-putting as talking too little. Make sure it’s a two-way conversation; save the soliloquies and engage in a back-and-forth dialogue. And while you’re talking, don’t be eating. No one wants to see your mouth full of food. No one.
  7. Don’t Be Afraid to Eat
    • If you’re on a lunch date, order something. Don’t make the other person feel uncomfortable by not eating. Plus, hunger makes people grumpy. Be mindful to pass on hard-to-eat entrées. Messy is for kids; you don’t want to wear half your meal. Who looks attractive with food stains on their clothes?
  8. Don’t Drink & Date
    • Social drinking — yes. Inebriated — no. One or two cocktails or a glass of wine is acceptable. Know your limit; no one likes a drunk. Get tipsy and it’s a turnoff — you likely just drank yourself out of a second date.
  9. Don’t Be Quick to Dismiss
    • It’s not always (often rarely) love at first sight, so don’t be too quick to judge. Focus on connecting, be open and enjoy learning about the other person. Don’t give up without giving your date a realistic chance because you think someone better is around the corner.
  10. Don’t Make it a Marathon
    • Keep the date to a reasonable end time; shorter is better — your best exit strategy is to leave each other wanting more. Casual drinks, coffee or a quick bite is best; dinner can be too long. End your date honestly. If you say you’re going to call for a second date — keep your word. Otherwise, bow out graciously.