High-end California Matchmaker Shares 7 Unique & Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2018

Attention, lovebirds! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and there’s no better time than now to tackle gift-buying and make those special plans for that special someone. 

Year after year, we see the chocolate bundles, teddy bears, “be mine” coffee mugs, you name it, displayed all over stores. While there’s nothing wrong with going the traditional route, consider changing things up this year with these unique Valentine’s gifts from our California Matchmaker friend Erica Arrechea of Cinqe Matchmaking. You can’t go wrong with any of her suggestions! 


Candles: “Two of my absolute favorite candles are the Oaked Bitter Orange from Sydney Hale (ships to Canada, US and Mexico) and the Frasier Fir from Thymes. Regardless of their favorite scent, these two are great all year round and you’ll get so many compliments on the fragrance of your home.”2. Saje Diffuser: “The mother of all diffusers. They’re available in gold and chrome also, though I love the sleek, chic look of the black. Even if the person you’re buying for isn’t super into aromatherapy, they can still use this diffuser to wean out bacteria in their home. Also great for a simple aesthetic!”Unique Valentine's giftsInstant-Print Cameras: “These fun instant cameras are all the rage right now and would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves being in the moment and capturing everything. You could also add in a few block frames.”unique gift for valentine'sNew Years Goal Gift: “One way to support and encourage your loved one to stay committed to their New Years Goal is to gift them something that’ll help them stay motivated with it. For instance, if they’re an entrepreneur or blogger/vlogger who’s just starting out, get them a professional lighting kit that’ll help them create the best content for their site and brand.”thoughtful valentines giftPlan A Trip: “An oldie but a goodie; Groupon always has the best deals on vacations so if you’ve been needing some time away together, be sure to check it out. Headed to the cold, cozy mountains? Buy her a cute pair of snow boots or him a really warm, heavy-duty jacket.”what to get for valentine'sSports Junkie: “A majority of folks have a favorite sports team; put together a basket of items (hats, coffee mugs, socks even) that have their sports team’s logo on it. You might regret it on game day, but hey, it’s worth it to see them happy, right?” Valentine's day giftsBusiness Logo: “Another way to show your support for your significant other or loved one on Valentines Day would be getting them a jacket, shat, weater, or coffee mug with their business logo on it. This idea is typically inexpensive and will make them feel even more supported by you. Inkhead is a great custom logo site to check out.”custom valentine's gift

For my single friends out there, take this Valentine’s Day as a chance to try something different. Just because it’s a couple-heavy holiday, doesn’t mean you should feel like you need to be doing something romance-related. Treat yourself to a spa day or a day out shopping. Get one of these unique valentines gifts for yourself. You can never go wrong with that! The new Fifty Shades Freed movie is coming out – take your single and sexy girlfriends and make a night of it!

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Xoxo & Happy Valentine’s Day!


More about Erica Arrechea: Co-Founder & Certified Matchmaker at Cinqe, and a VP at Millionaire’s Club: Head hunter for love to professional singles since 2011 in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Orange County, Los Angeles and VIP clients all around the US. She writes about dating and shares her opinion and wisdom on anything that has to do with getting people to find love. IG: @Erica_arrechea