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Leslie Davies

Leslie Davies
Image Stylist

After 15 years of working in a corporate job and losing herself in the process, Leslie has discovered through her own journey that clothing is more than superficial “window dressing”. It can be an expression which stirs and awakens the soul.

Leslie Davies, is a Stylist who has a passion for fashion – and more than that – is fueled by seeing the women she works with EXPRESS, UNLEASH and RECLAIM a whole new side of themselves they didn’t know existed…
Leslie is a certified Image Consultant (that’s right, there are actually credentials in the profession; FLC AICI), and has appeared on TV, radio and in print, most notably the Globe and Mail, Montreal Gazette and Calgary Herald…and was selected as a TV Show Host finalist for the WNetwork.

If you want to ditch the façade and express who you really are, get REAL and contact Leslie today. She will help you create a functional wardrobe which saves you time, money and the stress of getting dressed in the morning AND attract the right people in your life!

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