Relationships Require Some Spice, Newness, And Romance

Follow Our Recommendations For Your Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Yet!

1. Female Foreplay: We don’t mean sexual foreplay but rather 10:30am text messages/phone calls to your wife to say: “Honey, I cleaned the kitchen. Can’t wait to see you tonight.” For women, foreplay is an all-day event. Women get turned on when they know their lovers are taking the initiative and helping with household duties that would normally put a lot of weight on her shoulders. It’s a little known fact that women are going through their To-Do list during sex, so let’s help her clear that list so she can focus on the fun on Valentine’s Day.

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How to Survive Valentine’s Day as a New Couple

Relationship Advice to Make Valentine’s Day Less Stressful

valentinesSkip Universal Pictures’ “Fifty Shades of Grey,” pass on the couples massage, the oysters, too.

After all, Valentine’s Day comes with enough pressure, and if you’ve just solidified your status from friend zone to officially off the dating market, you’ll want to consider these “new relationship” no-nos, how-to tips and our Valentine’s Day relationship advice to keep the stress level to a minimum.

Valentine’s Day makes couples nervous. Period. If you’ve only been dating a few weeks or a couple of months there can be a lot of unknowns, in other words, potential relationship landmines.

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A Single’s Guide for Surviving Valentine’s Day

being-singleWith all the hoopla and imagery surrounding Valentine’s Day, it can really shine a spotlight on your single status and make you feel down in the dumps. I believe a lot of singles glamorize couples together and how they lead their lives. It’s definitely not all champagne, chocolate and roses. My personal opinion continues to be that Valentine’s Day much like New Year’s Eve is overrated. As a single person, it’s important that you don’t focus on Valentine’s Day as a national holiday, but more like a great time to do something fun with friends and family. Not everyone is into it, not everyone has a date for it, so take advantage and do something special for you. I’m an advocate for making Valentine’s Day not just about romantic love but love in general for those people who impact your life in a positive way: special friends, relatives, kids, coworkers, neighbours. Spread the love and celebrate the special people who are in your life.

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A Single Girl’s Guide to the RIGHT New Year’s Resolutions

As the year comes to an end, it’s the right time to reflect on the past and establish new goals that you can stick with all year long—not just for the first three weeks of 2017. This is the perfect time to be available and focus on your goals as a singleton. Here are some tips to kicking butt and meeting new people in 2017.

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3 Conversation Topics That Prevent a Second Date

3-conversation-topicsYou were charming. You thought your date was impressed with your witty banter. So why wasn’t there a second date? What went wrong? Unless the obvious, say, he/she was married, you’re probably still trying to figure out if you said the wrong thing to the (potential) right one.

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