ABCs of Early-Stage Dating for Men

When dating has left you dazed and confused.  

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Early-stage dating has become extremely confusing as we navigate the tricky waters of online dating apps and dating in numbers. One never really knows how to even approach the first date, let alone the weeks to follow.

For the gents out there who are looking to debunk early-stage dating, Divine Intervention Matchmaking gives you the Dating ABCs for staying true to traditional courtship in a not-so-traditional dating landscape.

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How to Jingle All the Way

For those who aren’t celebrating with a significant other and/or are experiencing a break-up

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While many people are celebrating in the month of December, it can be an emotional time for some, especially if you’ve recently been riding the solo train in the relationship department. Having someone to share this season with is a great feeling, but it’s a great time to be solo as well. Here are Divine’s top things to dive into (and what not to do) during the holiday season to bring you the Christmas cheer you crave! Remember: when life gives you lemons, make delicious gingerbread cookies with lemon glaze.

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Matchmaking and Reversing The Paradox of Choice

A Book-Inspired Blog

How Divine Intervention handles serial-dating mentality and the notion of quality VS. quantity

American psychologist Barry Schwartz powerfully sums up the challenge we face when choosing a romantic partner in today’s world in his 2004 novel The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less.
 paradox-of-choice-datingThe whole idea behind Schwartz’s book is that people assume that more choices gives one more freedom to make decisions which then lead to greater welfare. This idea is flawed—especially when it comes to dating—and Schwartz suggests we should opt for being “satisficers” making good enough choices, which will lead to happier lives, as opposed to being “maximizers” who need to exhaust all choices before making a decision. In addition, Schwartz claims maximizers are usually left feeling doubtful about their choice even after having made one.   

As matchmakers at Divine Intervention, our job is to reverse the paralysis current and prospective clients experience during the matchmaking and early-stage dating process.

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The Bigger Picture of Location-Based Dating

Why people are not finding the right partner

After thousands of extensive interviews over 11 years with clients, matches and with those optimistic to find a partner, the team at Divine Intervention can’t help but notice that Vancouverites are dating predominantly based on geography—meaning they’re choosing location over more important items on their checklists.

Vancouverites simply have no idea they are doing this.

In our experience, Vancouverites believe they will fall in love with someone who lives within their neighbourhood proximity and that person will also have every quality they are looking for in a partner.

Here is a common example of what we encounter during our interviews:

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Summer First Date Ideas To Avoid

In Vancouver, there is EVERY reason to date someone great in the summer: beaches, bikinis, the ocean and more daylight to do the things you love. People are so fancy-free and easy-going as the sun shines down that sometimes we forget that there are certain summer activities you may want to avoid on your first date. First dates are already tricky; luckily, we Vancouver matchmakers are here to tell you exactly why your favourite activities might be doing more harm than good when it comes to dating.

For those who don’t want to just Netflix and Chill, and want to score a second date, here are three activities we don’t recommend for your summer-loving first date:

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