Calling All Vancouver Single Women!

2016: Your Best Year For Dating — Love Bootcamp

divine-logoDivine Matchmaking Special Event:
A Night of Dating Advice, Styling & Love Astrology
Wednesday, January 20, 6:00pm – 8:00pm — REGISTER NOW

Ladies, are you looking to up your game in the dating world and maximize your success on dates? If you want to have fun and meet the right kind of guy this year, grab your single gal-pals and attend Divine Intervention’s Love Bootcamp.

At Love Bootcamp you’ll learn how to date smarter, style for dates and everyday, and use your 2016 horoscope to find love.

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It’s Still a Wonderful Life

How to Enjoy the Holiday Season When You’re Single

Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is… a significant other. A mate may be on your holiday wish list, but just because you don’t have that special someone to kiss under the mistletoe, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holidays when you’re single.

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Top 10 First Date Dos & Don’ts

dos-and-dontsHow to Clinch a Second Date

Do you want to make sure you say and do the right thing to impress (your potential) Mr. or Mrs. right?

Whether you’re new to the dating scene, taking another dip in the dating pool, or your matchmaker has set you up, we have the top 10 first date dos and don’ts that are essential in making a great first impression.

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To Pay or Not to Pay: Should Men Pick up the Tab on a First Date?

man-billGuys, are you still wondering who should pick up the cheque on a first date? If so, you’re not alone. It’s an age-old debate with varying opinions (and controversy); however, when it comes to dating, the trusted traditional etiquette still applies. Fellas, be prepared to open up your wallets.

Despite society’s progressive moves toward gender equality (we’re not there yet, despite women’s strides in job acquisition and income), who should pick up the cheque is less about who’s in a higher tax bracket, who asked who out, or whether it’s dinner or just coffee.

So, what is it really about and what message does it send to your date?

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Don’t Dismiss Him for the Sake of an Inch

dont-dismiss-him-for-an-inchIn the matchmaking and dating business, we come in contact with a ton of single women per week whether it’s at business events, gyms, through Social media, etc. We engage with women who are fit, curvy, tall, short, brown, white – you name it. Women love to be candid while we wear our matchmaker hats and it’s in our best interest to listen and make sure we know the ins-and-outs of what women are looking for in men. Our biggest challenge? Women can be delusional – they come to us with their lengthy check-lists of prequalifying attributes and it appears that at the top of the list that will make or break accepting a first introduction is HEIGHT. On countless occasions we have presented successful, funny, family-oriented, educated, handsome and, more importantly, men who are ready for love but the moment a woman hears that said bachelor is not over six feet tall, she writes him off. The pending question in our heads is why are these women bringing us a check-list in the first place if they think the key attribute that makes it through the qualifying stage is height?

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