Dating Tips For Girls

Ladies, stop being so crazy when it comes to dating! Relax, look hot, let the man lead, limit your talk time and you’ll grace through dating.

Damn that girl’s fine.

Always look your best. Men are highly visual, will size you up in a second and put you in the hot or friend zone. We can’t all be Miss Venezuela, so if you aren’t – learn to maximize your best features (think bust, butt, legs). Sexy hair, a natural, light amount of makeup, heels, boots, skirts, dresses, a flattering pair of jeans are all great. Dress for your body type and choose a color that looks good with your skin tone and hair color.

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Divine Dating Tips – The “How To” For Divine Singles

It’s all about good vibrations and attitude.

Be positive and exude a good vibe. Not every guy’s a jerk nor is every girl shallow and after your money. There are great people out there so quit whining. Happy, positive people, attract happy, positive people. Your friends should also have the same attitude. Negative friends bring negative energy so NO opposite sex bashers!

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