Divine Dating Tips To Impress Your Potential Soul Mate

In the emotionally topsy-turvy world of the heart, Matchmaker Vancouver stands firmly behind a few undeniable tenets.

General Dating Tips

  • Surround yourself with people who are just as positive about dating and relationships as you are. Negative friends bring negative energy, and this can lower your self esteem making it harder for you to relax and enjoy yourself.
  • Approach dating with specific goals in mind. If it’s marriage you’re looking for, be honest with yourself about your own expectations. If you don’t want anything serious, let your partner know.
  • If you’re not connecting with someone, don’t lead them on. It’s better to tell the truth than continue forward with lukewarm feelings. Be diplomatic and courteous, and you will become more confident in general.
  • When it comes to picking a good spot, remember that “less crowded, more quiet” is part of a successful first date. Pick somewhere you’re comfortable and confident that you will be able to both see and hear your date.
  • BE ON TIME. Making someone wait for you may make them anxious and uncomfortable, and could taint the rest of your date.
  • Always be polite. Everyone has something of value to offer, so even if you feel right away that this person is not for you, appear interested until the date is over. It’s a short amount of time and you never know what may come of this meeting.
  • Body language can make or break a date. Often we stand or sit in an off-putting way without realizing it. Remain as open as possible. Avoid crossing your arms and appearing closed off; lean in and subtlety mirror your date.
  • Tell the truth. Lying about your age or embellishing your income, education or personal stats is a slippery slope. It can be exhausting, and when the truth comes out it’s hard to rebuild trust.

Essential Dating Resources

Here a just  a few of our favourite articles from experts in the field that provide excellent insights into dating and metting that perfect someone:

Essential First Date Must Do’s

So you have a date set up by your matchmaker, or maybe you went out and got one yourself. Whatever the case may be, here are some first date bare bones essentials:


A first date is not the stuff of life or death. Take some deep breaths, go for a run, have a massage or a long hot bath beforehand. Pop some Bach Flower Rescue Remedy into your purse. A drop under your tongue should take a bit of the edge off. And please choose an outfit that you feel entirely comfortable and attractive in.

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Sizzling Summer Flirting Tips

There’s a certain magic that fills the air as the weather heats up. Everything comes to life –  colorful flowers bloom, animals awaken from hibernation, and winter clothes are shed in favor of more skin baring numbers. It’s that time when anything can happen and a new season of romance and flirting begins. Humans are actually hardwired to be more energetic, flirtatious and open to meeting others during summer! So with the West Coast winter having dragged on for longer than usual, Vancouverites really need to take advantage of the short summer window and get outside, engage with those around them and start flirting!

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Spring Clean Your Life

Spring is all about breathing new energy into your life. Out with the old that no longer serves its purpose and in with the new. A lot of us make resolutions in January and just don’t stick to them. One reason may be the lack of our mental and emotional preparation – so, before you can make sweeping changes in your life, it’s time to do a mind cleanse.

We’re all familiar with physical cleanses that require strict regimes or special concoctions to purge toxins from our bodies. But you need to start with your surrounding – de clutter your home and office space, or items you haven’t used in years. All this crap just accumulates and frankly, if you don’t do this now, you’ll become the perfect candidate for Hoarders.

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