Grooming for Men

Tips from a Matchmaker

Guys, when it comes to dating you should know that women notice and analyze everything. Remember that until she’s fallen for you completely, she’s looking for reasons to vote you off the island. Think about how critical you yourself can be when sizing up a potential partner and double that level of scrutiny! So, needless to say, you need to present yourself well and put your best foot forward. It’s a fact that every woman likes a man who is well groomed and properly put together.

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When Online Dating Falls Short

What to do when it isn’t working for you

Don’t get me wrong, I think online dating services definitely have their place and I’m for anything proactive to get you out of your comfort zone. It’s a great way to meet like minded people and consumers have a vast selection of dating sites to choose from. No matter what your background and hobbies are, for a reasonable amount of money (or even for free) there are lots of options to choose from.

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Flirting 101

Picking up on all the cues

Although the human race has greatly evolved, our brains and subconscious are still back in the caveman days. Our body language speaks volumes and says more than anything that you can ever say verbally. You can literally change how someone thinks about you by modifying your body language. So put on your happy face and give clues and signals so you’ll be approached.

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Surviving Valentine’s Day

If you’re flying solo

With all the hoopla and imagery surrounding Valentine’s Day, it can really shine a spotlight on your single status and make you feel down in the dumps. I believe a lot of singles glamorize couples together and how they lead their lives. It’s definitely not all champagne, chocolate and roses. My personal opinion is that Valentine’s Day much like New Year’s Eve is overrated. As a single person, it’s important that you don’t focus on Valentine’s Day as a national holiday, but more like a great time to do something fun with friends and family. Not everyone is into it, not everyone has a date for it, so take advantage and do something special for you. I’m an advocate for making Valentine’s Day not just about romantic love but love in general for those people who impact your life in a positive way: special friends, relatives, kids, coworkers, neighbours. Spread the love and celebrate the special people who are in your life.

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I’d Like To Order A Tall, Non-Fat Prince Charming

With a White Horse on the Side

“He has to be handsome, have money, have a great personality and oh—did I mention he has to be tall?” We’ve heard the laundry list many times—and women continue to wait for ‘Mr. Perfect’. We wait and we wait and we wait … and start wondering what happened to our Prince Charming. Reality check, ladies—Prince Charming and his white horse do not exist! (Shocking, isn’t it?) From a very young age, we are exposed to fairy tales where the main character gets to live with her prince. Even when we’re old enough to know that the characters in the fairy tales don’t exist, we still think that one day we’ll get married to the perfect guy. This leads us to have unrealistic expectations of a man who is tall, handsome, successful, fit, caring and so on and so on. It’s really too bad you can’t order significant others off a menu to suit your specifications!

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